Academics at Belleview Christian

Belleview Christian Academy students will acquire a Biblical world view evident by faith in Jesus Christ and the standard by which they live.

The mission of Belleview Christian Academy is to teach students a Biblical world view through God centered curriculum under the guidance of skilled, devoted, and consecrated teachers who demonstrate and, therefore, influence students to live by Biblical standards. We are committed to providing ministry and outreach to the students enrolled and their families.

We Proudly use the A Beka (K - 5th) and Bob Jones University (6th - 8th) curriculum.


Education Philosophy

The philosophy of BCA is based on a God centered view that all truth is God’s truth and the Bible is the inspired, authoritative word of God. Therefore, BCA recognizes our assignment to provide kingdom education with a view toward leading students to develop a Biblical Christian worldview which will equip them for life’s choices on the basis of the eternal consequences of those life choices.

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