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Belleview Christian Academy's pre-school is one of the oldest in the area. It was the first program First Baptist Church of Belleview began in 1966. Back then it was called Little Friends Christian School, but that seed has grown into the school we are today. Our Pre-Schoolers use the Abeka curriculum, a well known Bible based curriculum used in schools around the world. Studnets begin school at 8:30a.m. and end at the 11:30a.m. carline. Middle Care is also available.


Below, you will find the overview of what your little one will be learning, and on the side bar you will find our available extracurriculars, which we like to call specials.


What we're learning - Pre-School 3

Phonics - Letters and Sounds for 3s: Not only will our 3s learn each of their new letters and sounds with the help of their new animal friends, they will also devleope fine motor skills. They will trace and write their letters for fomation and regogniztion, while also practicing hand-eye coordination by working puzzles and gluing items to letters.


Language - Language Development Visuals: Our 3s will develop their language and listening skills as learn about God's creation through the people and world around them. Topics include Animals, Countries around the world, Heath, Saftey, Manners and much more.


Poetry - Fun Poms and Finger Plays: This books compiles more then 120 poems and plays both new and old for your 3 to memorize, ricite and enjoys.


Numbers - Numbers and Skills with Buttom Bear: 3s will sharpen their listening skills as they learn to follow directions and practice hands on coordination with numbers 1 - 15. This is done through skill sheets involving tracing pathways, dot-to-dot and coloring large, simple forms.


Bible - Old Testament Stories and Pre-School Bible Coloring Sheets: Our 3s will both learn and review their Bible stories using large story cards and review sheets. They will also learning about the birth and resurection of Christ along with the first Thansgiving through special holiday sections. They ned their year with a cumulative review and rember back to each of their stories.


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What we're learning - Pre-School 4

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Pre-K Specials

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